Oliver Budd

Oliver Budd in his studio

Oliver Budd in his studio

Oliver Budd is a second-generation mosaic artist. He is the creator of a global array of mosaic works, as diverse as the figurative to the abstract and with commissions as far away as Oman to those in his home county of Kent.

Oliver mastered his craft under the tutorage of his late father Kenneth Budd ARCA FIAL.

Now he is one of the world’s premier mosaic artists with international awards to his name and a wealth of prestigious commissions undertaken from billionaire individuals to multinational corporations and City and County authorities.

The public art mosaics made in the UK reflect the rich histories of the communities in which they reside. The mosaics tell stories of the lives and achievements of our ancestors, past events both wonderful and terrible are vividly brought to life to inform and educate the onlooker but also to decorate and inspire people.

Oliver is a passionate teacher of this unique art form, past president of the British Association of Modern Mosaicists, visiting lecturer at Chelsea College of art and a member of the exclusive Art Worker’s Guild in Bloomsbury, London.