0.600m x 1.750m
FAB 1 was made by Toby Baxter Contracts for the creators of Thunderbirds, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson to drive them to the premiere of “Thunderbirds are go!” in 1966. It’s based on a “Chinese-Six” four front wheels and two back. The chassis was from a Bedford Duple Vega coach chassis. It was bought by the Dezer Car Museum in Miami Florida in the 1990’s.
The right hand panel shows emblems of the town’s main sports clubs, Biggleswade Town Football club, Biggleswade United Football club, Biggleswade Rugby club and Biggleswade Cricket club, all accompanied by footballs, rugby balls and cricket balls. The railway and river Ivel run like a thread through both sections of the design.

Biggleswade Design Three

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